Connect CCTV Systems was established in 1999 to provide maintenace and commissioning services to the CCTV industry. We have to date installed 1500 cameras over the UK Highways Agency Network as subcontractor to the to main Subcontractor

Projects Completed 


Installation of Highways agency CCTV Systems throughout the UK.


We Install and Commission TYCO,SSL & Chubb Highways Agency Approved TVOS Assemblies.


Highways Agency Regional Control Centre ( Southwest RCC, West Midlands RCC East RCC South East RCC Systems Installation).


Highways Agency  CCTV Systems A1M A1 A3 A38M M1 M2 M3 M5 M6 M18 M20 M23 M26 M27 M271 M180 M4 M11 M40 M50 M54 M56 M60 M61 M62 M621 M6 Toll.

Hindhead Tunnel

Dartford River Crossing

Highways Agency Second generation CCTV Upgrades.

Highways Agency Managed Motorways CCTV Installations and commissioning (M42 M6 M62).

Highways Agency Second generation CCTV IP Migration.

Highways Agency Second generation CCTV Upgrades.

Blackwall Tunnel CCTV System.

M3/M27 Ramp Metering Pilot Scheme.

Irish Rail, Dart Line CCTV Video Transmission System.